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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blythdale House Progresses on Schedule

Construction on our new project, Blythdale House, is proceeding on schedule. The exterior finished will include copper, ArrisCraft honed and split-face stone, and thick Spanish cedar siding on the cantilevered mud room section. A wonderful alternative to stucco has been found for the north and east elevations. We will be using a flint-coloured cement-board panel known as SuperPanel ( The product will have the appearance of large sheets of slate.

We have also recently completed the lighting design for the interior and exterior of the house. Low-voltage energy-efficient LED lights will be used to light the interior courtyard and glass guards while the exterior facade and 2nd floor canopy will be lit with a combination of ground lighting and uplighting. The results promise to be spectacular.

Finally, we are negotiating with Solera ( to supply and install both Photovoltaic and hydronic solar panels.

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