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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fifth Town Cheese Factory proceeding on schedule

Construction on the exterior walls for the Fifth Town Cheese Factory is nearing the halfway point. The exterior walls are built with Durisol stay-in-place wall forms ( which are manufactured from a mixture of raw wood chips and shavings, neutralized and mineralized then bonded together with Portland cement. The R-value of the Durisol blocks combined with the optional built-in insulation and the thermal mass of the concrete far exceeds minimum standards. After the wall forms where erected and steel reinforcing placed, the cavities of the forms where filled with LaFarge's 'Agilia' concrete ( a concrete mixture that contains a plasticizer and 50% slag, a by-product of the steel industry. As a result, the exterior walls of the factory contain a high percentage of recycled material which are extremelly durable, energy efficient and will not permit the growth of molds.


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