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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fifth Town Cheese Wins Wood WORKS! award

The Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Factory has won the 2008 Wood WORKS! Green Building Wood Design Award. The Wood WORKS! Awards (by the Canadian Wood Council) recognize people and organizations dedicated to pioneering and preserving the use of wood in Ontario. The Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Factory makes substantial use of wood in its various forms. Examples include Durisol's stay-in-place wall form system made from waste wood chips, reclaimed wood from local barns, and more than 55% FSC certified lumber and sheet goods. Finally, wood chips were used to promote natural cultivation in the herb gardens and constructed wetlands. Past winning projects include the Young Centre for the Performing Arts, the Toronto Region Conservation Authority's Service Centre, and the Ottawa and Toronto locations for the Mountain Equipment Co-op. For more information on the Wood WORKS! awards please see:

(images by Ben Rahn, A-Frame Inc.)

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