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Monday, April 27, 2009

(re)source Pavilion Durisol wall rises!

Shawn and Francis spent about 4 hrs on the weekend raising 3/4 of the Durisol wall for the Pavilion. The lightweight Durisol blocks, manufactured from waste wood chips and concrete, easily stack one over the other in a brick pattern. Steel re-bar were added in every course horizontally and every second core vertically. Next week the walls will be filled with concrete and allowed to cure for a few days before the the start of the major built. Already more than a dozen volunteers have signed up for the project.

Friday, April 17, 2009

(re)source Pavillion Concrete Poured

Staff from Lapointe Architects spent the day yesterday experimenting with bending the wood siding and preparing for the pouring of the concrete for the foundations for the pavilion. Once the concrete had set for an hour or so, steel re-bar dowels were added to anchor the Durisol wall to the foundation system. Next weekend the Durisol wall will be raised.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fifth Town Wins Premier's Award

The Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company has been awarded the Ontario Premier's Agri-Food Innovation Excellence award, a $2.5 million, five-year program (now in its third year) established to recognize innovators who contribute to the success of Ontario's agri-food sector. The top prize, worth $100,000, was awarded to Fifth Town for its "work in using green technology to construct the largest artisan goat and sheep milk cheese manufacturing facility in eastern Ontario." For more information and a video please see


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fifth Town Featured on Cover of Construction Canada Magazine

Construction Canada magazine, a national publication, this month featured the Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Factory on their cover. The description for the article written by John Kokko, P.Eng., Enermodal Engineering reads as follows:

"From Plain Jane and County Maple to Bedda Fedda and Operetta, the Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. specializes in fresh, handmade cheese. In addition to churning out these delicious delicacies, the new Picton, Ont., facility is a LEED Platinum candidate. Designed by Lapointe Architects, the 403-m2 (4338-sf) building integrates traditional craftsmanship with sustainable technologies. Proper commissioning played a key role in this multiple-award-winning masterpiece."

To read the whole article refer to

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