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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fire Arbour Truss Erection Completed

The centre king post and bent wood trusses were erected on top of concrete column foundations using a large crane. Afterwards, log ring braces began to be inserted between and upward each truss. In the north section, long trusses with extending tips were erected on incrementally taller concrete columns and ascend into a fan pattern, while in the south section short trusses with unextended tips were erected on short, levelled concrete columns to support for the Fire Arbour’s horizontal chimney ring. Located off of the central king post just below the fan pattern, the chimney ring fastens the tip of each small truss along its circumference and holds the entire structure together.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Construction Starts - Site

Concrete cylinders arranged in a circle to be used as the foundation for the Fire Arbour's bent wood trusses were cast in place using sonotubes and the help of a large crane, while the central concrete column  to be used as the foundation for the king post was cast using only a wheelbarrow and some team effort.

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